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To Join everyone wherever you are.We work in the human right, in the field of education, Free market, health, culture, human rights, business creation for  sustainable development and policy of the itinerary of a city, rural, etc. Our work is important, so that our mission is ratified.

Convince that the historical misery of Haiti is to offer a world of freedom and an environment conducive to the full development of it, and the realization of his just aspirations;
Aware that this mission has already been inspired by several treaties and agreements of the United Nations, in the spirit of mutual consent and respect for each other's sovereignty, to ensure the achievement of right, freedom, equality, fraternity and law Sure the true sense of solidarity and good neighborliness can be conceived only in the consolidation of each one and within the framework of democratic institutions, a regime of individual freedom and social justice based on respect for the fundamental rights of man;

To persuade that the well-being of all, their contribution to the progress and civilization of the world.