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Work in the civil society is the will and plan of everyone who believes in the success of the community he leads. The idea is a dime, a dozen, its value is to make something of it. On the other hand, a leader is someone who has ideas and visinons  then the others can learn somethings about it. A think tank is at the base of social workers and free market leadership, its mission is to defend economic freedom by reducing government intervention on the free market.The think tank mission works directly according to the general mission of the organization with a base of well-focused on narrower phenomena, in which the defense of the economic freedom and the reduction of the intervention of the governance to the free markets are widely evoked and followed by:

  • Convince that representative democracy is a prerequisite for stability, respect and development.
  • Persuade that the well-being of all, as well as their contribution to the progress and civilization of every citizen, requires more and more daily national cooperation in the fields of education, leadership and democratic politics


Indeed (WIT), as a think tank led by an assembly of competent people, defines in French (Impact Cerveau Travailleurs. ICT) with the mission to consult the work done by social workers in the community. Not only that, there are several other commissions in several other areas, but for WIT or ICT as a think tank from the permanent council of the organization:

it is usually a chair:

  • A secretary understands the group of researchers,
  • A treasurer and project consultant,
  • project manager and communication manager,
  • project assistant in the department of management,
  • A delegation of four volunteers as social workers,
  • A trainee accompanied by the group of five researchers not to mention the secretary's support make a total of seven.













 In 2011 and 2012 all the peasants of the neighborhood worked together for changind the traffics trade situation in this community that every will is a success in life. During years of work in this community, the peasants members of the organization deliver their sweats to the roadside service in the countryside, they all worked voluntarily without thinking of a salary. it shows the dedication they had for development, with the hand tools under the sun, they work to improve the living conditions and the transport situation of this area.


The will is a deliverance weapon. without ever receiving the help of the government,without thinking of the hunger that they undergo during the day, but their wishes were the squad, the union and the ambition for the development this area.








For years, there was no longer any road for the transport of animals or pedestrians, life was a threat to the inhabitants of these landscapes. Then, towards the year 2011 to arrive at 2012, the whole zone completely showed its will to work with the developmen without pretext, they were all delivered in the service of the change. But today, vehicles can move freely in all these areas.














In the midst of social entertainment activities on the anniversary of the organization's date of creation a party organized by young fighters, they also take advantage of it to talk about the defense of women's rights l aborious abuses and sexual violence against them         




The means to better serve the community are the desire to provide much needed housing support, especially after the storms they have suffered for years, they need housing remedies whenever possible.