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Image result for image d-une infirmière HaitienneThe general hospitalization mission of patients is the heart of the nursing home profession. The Public Health Code and its missions correspond to the public service name. In public health, the mission is to protect the health of populations effectively. This mission must be articulated around these three major axes.

Anticipate: to detect health risks in order to bring the decision elements to the public authorities and ensure the implementation of a national system of monitoring and surveillance.

Understand: namely to improve knowledge about the health status of the population, behaviors, health risks and design intervention strategies in prevention and health promotion.

To act: to promote health, to act on environments, to experiment and implement prevention programs, to respond to health crises.


graduates in medicine and pharmacology.


The scientific and expertise agency of the health field, is in charge of observing the epidemiological and the monitoring of the health status of the populations. A very absent case in the field of health in Haiti and becoming a phenomenon. Ensure health risks threatening the population. Promote health and reduce risk, develop prevention and education for health. Prepare and respond to threats, alerts and health crises. A prevention that is repeated every day, but always remain closed to the Ministry of Public Health of Haiti. Launch health alerts to help the population.


The organization's proposal is linked in relation to public health, and / indeed, adjustments are essential to the implementation of the health work of the organization:

Ongoing professional development of hospital and non-hospital practitioners;

Initial training and continuing professional development of midwives and paramedical personnel and research in their areas of expertise.

Education and prevention actions for health and their coordination.

Urgent medical assistance, together with practitioners and other health professionals, persons and services concerned.

The fight against social exclusion, in relation to other relevant professions and institutions, as well as associations working in this field.

The care of people under psychiatric care.

The care provided to prisoners in prison and, if necessary, in a hospital setting.






The condition of health is still critical after the last three decades of democracy in Haiti, a single public general hospital in the heart of downtown for more than 12 million people with a paid service, and buyable from doctors who are fuck patients. In proposing the health mission, health agencies must rely on their partners, including members of the national public health networks in relation to the actors on the ground, to contribute, animate and coordinate. The programming approach that she bases leads to an independent scientific expertise that responds like the product of the health agency. To plan an always up-to-date knowledge intervention, must be made available to the competent authorities to inform, preserve and promote health policies.








Our eyes are fixed and at the same time 

determined by acting towards the population for the setting up of a new health agency taken into account social inequaliti

es of health, a very marked situation between the different socio-professional categories in Haiti, the heart of profession and the care facility has quite to do with that with the general mission of hospitalization of patients. A very expensive action in Haiti, in the general hospital, the permanence of care is a partisan affair, as in private hospitals; "No money no care", the care of palliative care, university and postgraduate education, research, they are all maintained by the most capable, who enroll a dozen deaths per day in the hospital. What were the doctors' oaths for the protection of human life?


The particularity of the public service mission in Haiti defined, is that they cannot be exercised by all health care institutions whether public or private, that's why people are dead.

We have a mission to apply public structures, for profit or not, enforceable rates guaranteeing 24/7 access to patients, this structure will be an even greater public service and help avoid situations of deficiency , to validate in particular in a way of permanence of the care.